Breaking the Blogging Block

You’re stuck for new blogging ideas. Don’t fret; writer’s block happens to the best of us. If you’ve spent the better part of a year or more blogging on your topic of expertise, you’ve probably wondered how soon the wall would come into view. As a professional SEO writer, I accept every day as a challenge, and ask myself if I have exhausted every single angle of my clients’ businesses before I realize there is nothing left to write. Usually then, I manage to think of one more thing that hasn’t been covered, or else write a new twist on something that has.

Whether you’re writing for yourself or for somebody else, it’s good to have on hand a brainstorm list of potential blog jump-starts to stimulate your creative mind whenever you see those solid bricks looming in the distance. Rather than hit a wall, you can veer sharply to the left and continue building your content, and consequently your traffic.

End This Phrase…

When you compose a new blog post or article for syndication, it’s important for said work to feature the main keyphrase with the title. Already your job is half done, good for you! Writing about travel? You know your destination will figure in there. Other topics like home improvement, affiliate marketing, weight loss, and the like can be encapsulated in a number of templates for blog work. Next time you’re at a loss for words, try some of these ideas to get the keyword some much needed use:

The Tips: A good primer for articles on how-to subjects that cover most do-it-yourself projects or research to hire somebody to do it for you. Try out Five Tips for a Cleaner Kitchen or Five Tips for Creating a Facebook Page and soon you may find you have more to say.

The Caveats: For every article that sings the praises of a particular topic, there should follow eventually the occasional caveat. If you’re writing about pet care, for example, after you’ve convinced readers why bringing a puppy into the family is a good idea, write up something like Five Things to Consider When Boarding Your Dog as a good vacation topic. For health blogs, people are always looking the downside of too good to be true diet programs, so there’s Should You Go on a Detox Program?for starters.

The Directions: Never assume everybody on the Internet is a seasoned professional at anything. Every day somebody joins Facebook, or buys a complicated kitchen appliance, and just wants to dive in headfirst. The tips you can provide in a step by step article provide timely reading for years to come, depending on the topic. Of course, if you write about social media and SEO, you’ll always find fodder for this category as you learn how to deal with new paradigms.

The Best: No matter the topic, you can find the best qualities, destinations, or other features to use in a blog. Everything from the best barbecue joints in Nashville to the best brands of chocolate to give Mom on her birthday can be written easily.

The Whys: For promotional articles designed to convince readers to hire somebody or purchase something to make life easier, you need to offer sound reasoning that leads to click-throughs to your contact form or shopping cart. Why should somebody call on a Realtor as opposed to acting on their own? Why do you need a custom background on your Twitter profile? Make the argument.

Feeling stimulated yet? Hopefully these ideas will help you to build your blog or article archive. If ever you run out of ideas, think back to what you’ve already written and ask yourself what more can be drawn there. Look at your words from every angle to create new directions for your writing.

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Blogging For Fun

People tend to engage in blogging either for fun or for profit. Of course, people who blog for fun often make money from it, and people who blog for income have to enjoy what they do, or they will give it up pretty quickly.

There are millions of blogs on the internet, because people want to share their thoughts, and since the internet came along, that’s easier than ever.

Some things that people share on their blogs can include:

Opinions. Have you figured out what we should be doing about the economy? Do you have thoughts about how a certain vote or election should go? Are there education policies that you support or oppose? Do corporations exploit their customers? If you have an opinion about these things or any others, you can post it on your blog.
Experiences. Are you struggling with a disease? Did you go to a certain university? Are you a parent, trying to become one, or determined never to have children? A blog is the perfect place to share your experiences. Many people will appreciate your thoughts on the things you have been through.
Personal expression. This can include news about your family, your poetry, your artwork, random thoughts, plans for the future or reflections on the past. These blogs are about you, not you plus something else, so just say what’s on your mind.
Expertise. These kinds of blogs are often connected to your job or education. There are health blogs, education blogs, construction blogs, dry cleaning blogs, publishing blogs, and blogs focusing on any aspect of any industry you can think of. But you are part of one of those industries, and you have some skills to offer, too. A blog is a perfect place to do that.
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